A birthday to remember

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Forget fairy bread, let’s talk duck liver pâté.

We all know how much I love Masterchef and it comes to no surprise I have been avidly following the first ever season of Junior Masterchef. I have been blown away at the high-caliber of talent showcased by these pint-sized Masterchefs. These eight to twelve year old kids know more culinary terms and have more cooking technical skills than I ever did at that age. When I was their age the only thing I could make was 2 minute noodles.

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Eating my words: Marion’s shock eviction

Oh. My. God. My favourite and tip to win for the Masterchef competition Marion Grasby has been given the boot. This week the very talented amateur cook has been ousted in a shock eviction over a satay sauce challenge. This couldn’t be of more shock to me as this was her supposed home ground – cooking a satay sauce commonly used in Thai cuisine.
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