Masterchef: Team Billy!

Masterchef 2011 Contestant: Billy Law

There’s something different about this year’s season of Masterchef. In my honest opinion, it seems as though the talent this year is a little lackluster compared to last year. I don’t mean to be crude, but there’s something about last year’s contestants that screamed genuine talent and passion but it seems this year the contestants are not matching up to that standard. I can’t quite put my finger on why this is the case. I feel as though the contestants have been chosen on their personality rather than good honest talent, a choice no doubt made by the producers who are driven by ratings results.

Nevertheless, the Masterchef producers have turned it up a few notches this year with better challenges, locations and rewards. The caliber of celebrity chefs appearing this season have been very impressive seeing none other than Heston Blumenthal and Nigella Lawson, two prominent chefs in the U.K, grace our humble Australian screens.

Law re-entering the competition after the disqualification of Mat Beyer

However, there is one contestant that has some genuine skill in what he does and proves time and time again what a powerhouse he is in the kitchen and that, foodies, is Billy Law. Law was recently resurrected from the pits of rejected Masterchef contestants after Mat Beyer was disqualified for breaking the strict Masterchef rules by being caught having a smart phone while in the house.

Billy came back into the competition with a smash. The most recent Team Challenge saw the contestants create a three-course meal for 30 guests while being supervised by culinary legend Marco Pierre White. Law was responsible for the roasted pork belly with cider gravy and caramelised apples* which looked absolutely delicious, and apparently, it tasted just as good as it looked with George Columbaris even dubbing it “the best dish of the series”.

“The best dish of the series.” – George Columbaris

The interesting thing about Billy is that he’s a food blogger. His blog, A Table For Two, has always been a favourite of mine and it takes true dedication and passion to create a food blog as great as his and I have often turned to his blog for insipiration.

As you can see, Billy is my favourite to win the competition, so go Billy! I hope you knock their socks off and win the competition! And just out of curiosity for my fellow Masterchef fans out there, who is your favourite?

All images in this post were taken from Channel 10’s website which can be found here.

*If anybody has the recipe or one that is similar to this, please let me know!


6 thoughts on “Masterchef: Team Billy!

  1. I ❤ Billy and have been a fan of his photography and food blogging for years. I first met him online via the Sydney Photobloggers Group on Flickr. I love watching Masterchef but this year it has been much more intense. I'm a member of #teambilly and love watching Billy 'cut the judges with his flavour'. It's like the sports team for people who don't follow sports. I'm finding myself screaming at the tv 'Go BILLY!' and so so happy for him. I bet George is eating his 'I hate foodbloggers' words now 😀

  2. I love and HATE MasterChef. I love it when it’s creative and there’s real recipe and cooking technique tips to be had but hate the drawn out reality editing that the producers do and how predictable it has become — kill the flame guys. I also hate how you don’t get to see what all the contestants have cooked and sometimes they don’t even get a mention for the whole episode. If the judges learnt how to speak at a normal pace they might be able to fit more content in rather than reality TV fluff and make it a real show about cooking rather than drama drama drama! I’ve lost count how many times the first dish of an immunity challenge to the judges is the contestants (I think it’s 99.9%) and how they always look at the person who’s safe as they finally turn to the contestant who gets eliminated. Favourite to win is of course Billy although I have my doubts since I’ve heard Judge George hates food bloggers and seems to always swoon for the young ladies when he gets a chance. 1st series an anglo woman, 2nd series an asian guy, 3rd series more than likely a woman or anglo guy to mix it up. Alana seems to be the dark horse because she’s not really getting air time, probably due to personality or lack thereof for the camera, and god I hope Dani and Ellie don’t win because they annoy the !@#* out of me but perhaps that’s just in the way they’re been edited for TV — but I’m thinking not. Sun needs to learn how to smile or she’s not getting a book publishing deal and Michael a good all round nice contender for top spot. Kate’s had way too many chances I wished she had been eliminated instead of Peter. That’s my two cents worth 🙂

    • I have to agree with the majority of what you’ve said, Simon. This is one of the highest reality TV shows in Australia right now and there’s a lot ‘TV fluff’ as you said which tends to draw away from the actual cooking at hand. I suppose this is what brings in the ratings and I feel this is more apparent in this season compared to the last 2.

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