Kazbah: The Taste of Arabia

Last week, my family and I wined and dined at the infamous Kazbah restaurant. With cuisine influenced from a variety of cultures ranging from Moroccan to Spanish to African to Phoenician, Kazbah’s food is the ‘Taste of Arabia’.

Let’s start with the entrees, foodies. First we had fresh Lebanese bread and which came three glorious looking dips.

See below:

The beautiful dip selection (Beetroot, Taramasalata and Carrot).

Behold Beetroot, Taramasalata and Carrot dip. Look at those colours – they just popped on the plate. I must say, not such a big fan of the Taramasalata dip. This concoction of fish roe, bread crumbs, olive oil and mashed potato did not tickle my fancy. It had an undertone of fishiness which I didn’t like.

In addition to our entrée we had a mixed mezze plate which consisted of tabouli salad, chermoula marinated bonito, char-grilled quail with pomegranate sauce, feta and fennel seeds stuffed crumbed olives and green beans with feta.

Mixed Mezze Plate

For mains, since there were a few of us, we wanted to order something from all sections so we could all pick from each other’s plates to get a taste of everything.

My dad ordered Beef cheeks served with sweet potatoes, caramalised onions and almonds ($31).

Beef cheeks with sweet potato, caramelised onions and almonds ($31)

Mother got roast duck, falafel, honey-baked quince, sweet potato chips at a hefty price of $35.

Roast Duck, Falafel, Honey Baked Quince, Sweet Potato Chips ($35)

Sis got the Fish of the Day special: Barramundi served with tomato couscous, baby spinach, harissa yoghurt.

Fish of the Day (Barramundi), Tomato Couscous, Baby Spinach, Harissa Yoghurt ($36)

Future brother in-law got the Moroccan barbeque plate ($38); an assortment of barbequed beef, lamb, chicken, camel and a corn cob.

Moroccan BBQ Plate ($38)

And yes, foodies, that was not a typo. There was camel meat on the plate. I was kicking myself at the end of our meal when I realised I didn’t even ask to try it. Well, the whole plate was clean before I could look across the table so I guess it was good.

And finally moi. The best left til last. The piece de resistance. I had the char-grilled grain fed scotch fillet, Sumac spiced chips, asparagus, Moroccan butter ($36).

Char-Grilled Grain Fed Scotch Fillet, Sumac Spiced Chips, Asparagus, Moroccan Butter ($36)

This dish, by my standards, was just OK. The steak was cooked to medium perfection – just enough pink and tenderness of meat. One thing I didn’t like was the overriding charred flavour. My taste buds couldn’t enjoy the wonderful flavours in which the meat was marinated and the Moroccan butter, all sadly marred by the bitter charcoal flavour. The two sticks of asparagus were alright. They didn’t add that much to the plate other than the colour green.

The thing that I like about this place was the fact that they made their chips from scratch. Now if there’s anybody that loves hot chips, it’s me. There would be no way a bowl of chips will be left uneaten when sitting in front of me. There’s only one place those chips are going, and that’s in my hot, salivating, throbbing taste-budded mouth. And these chips were great considering they were made from scratch and not the pre-packaged chips.

All in all, I still enjoyed the meal and just by tasting the other dishes, it seemed like Kazbah had something very special going on.

All things considered, I still love Arabic food (as you probably would have picked up on my last post). Kazbah did nothing but prove the versatility and unique flavours Arabic cuisine has to offer.

One of their awesome water pitchers. I want one!

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