You call that a steak? THIS is a steak.

The Outback Steakhouse (North Strathfield) is renowned for its juicy steaks and mouth-watering ribs (let’s face it, you don’t come here for the salads or bread – it’s called a steakhouse for a reason). It’s every carnivore’s dream to dine here, offering a wide selection of meats including: steaks of all cuts and sizes; all kinds of ribs, be it beef, lamb or pork and grilled chicken.

Ok, well that’s a bit of an exaggeration. There’s something for everyone here – even for the omnivores. Diners have the pleasure (apart from the steaks and ribs) of choosing salads, seafood, pasta dishes and not to mention some knock-out desserts (read on to find out my favourite dessert).

This time around, my friend and I ordered the Bloomin’ Onion. It’s basically a massive deep-fried onion with a crunchy batter served with an awesome spicy cream sauce. This is considered the house specialty if you will.

Bloomin' Onion: the house-specialty

Next was the steak. We ordered the Outback Steak (250g priced at $23.95) and the Slow Roasted Prime Rib (225g priced at $26.95). As always, the meats were cooked at medium-rare perfection; juicy and tender.

Outback Special: Spiced Sirloin (250g)

Slow Roasted Prime Ribs (225g)

Also, if you do choose to order the steak or ribs, you will have to choose a side dish, the options include: chips, baked or mashed potato, vegetables or rice. You can also choose the sauce; choose from pepper, mushroom or Dianne (the mushroom is a favourite of mine). There are salads as well; we chose the garden salad.

Garden Salad

Now to the best part: dessert.

The one thing that I get all the time when I’m here is the Chocolate Thunder. It is imperative you get this. Oh my God, for chocoholics this is the mother of all chocolate desserts. You haven’t had an Outback experience if you haven’t tried this. It’s so rich and contains so much chocolate it’s almost illegal.

Working our way from the top, there is a chocolate tuille perched on top of a mound of generous scoops of vanilla ice cream covered in rich chocolate sauce. Once you’ve had the pleasure of spooning down the luscious ice-cream, you reach the pot of gold – the pecan chocolate brownie sitting in a pool of velvet-like, hot chocolate sauce. Is this making your mouth water? Because mine is.

Sorry about that, I think I was having a moment. See the picture below:

Chocolate Thunder

The service was and always is great. Usually you have one waiter looking after you the whole night. Fortunately, we had a lovely waitress who attended to our every need and was very thorough when it came to checking up on us during the dinner.

Outback Steakhouse is very much a very social restaurant – you’ll always find large tables full of people celebrating a birthday or some celebratory occasion. I highly recommend this restaurant for celebrations, particularly if you intend to bring a big group of people. For some top-quality food with generous servings at affordable prices, this is the place to go.


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