Would Jaffa-ncy that?

I have eaten some pretty strange things in my 22 year life time be it pig’s blood, snails – even a baked duck egg with the embryo still inside. But there’s one thing I cannot stand and refuse to eat.

And that is the God-awful combination of chocolate and orange. I actually consider myself to be quite the adventurous and curious food type but when it comes to a Jaffa-flavoured sweet, I’m sorry, but I’d rather eat broccoli.

Ever since I was a kid, the tuck shop at school would sell Jaffas and I distinctly remember absolutely hating the taste of it. For those who are unaware of Jaffas (and be thankful that you aren’t), Jaffas are sweets with a candy orange-flavoured shell encasing a ball of chocolate, popularised in Australia by confectionery manufacturer, Allen’s Sweets.

Jaffas: Ewww.

I never really understood why someone would think combining chocolate and orange would be a good combination. And being an uber-lover of chocolate, a former member of the Chocolate Society at university and a pioneer of eating everything and anything chocolate, I will never comprehend the pairing of chocolate and orange. For me, mixing citrus with chocolate is like a maths formula that gives you the wrong answer time and time again.

Any orange and chocolate flavoured sweet or dessert whether it be Jaffa muffins, chocolate sponge cake with an orange glaze or even my ultimate favourite dessert of all time, macarons (I once had an orange-flavoured macaron with chocolate cream filling at Adriano Zumbo‘s cafe and I thought to myself: why, Adriano, WHY?), if it’s chocolate and orange, I am steering clear, and far away I will be.

Jaffa Brownies: Berk!

Jaffa Cake: Que asco!

My friends think I’m crazy for having this pet peeve but at the end of the day it all just boils down to personal taste. And I will be one to admit that my dislike for chocolate and orange has been redundant in this post and probably exaggerated, and I am most likely one of the few out there who finds this odd combination repulsive.

But for my own interest, and possibly yours too, I’d like to know just just how many of you like or dislike chocolate and orange the combination. Please vote below:


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