Catchin’ up at Bungalow

It’s always nice to have a catch up, isn’t it? I hadn’t seen some of my friends in a while and it was so nice to just sit down, relax and have a good conversation over dinner.

Last week my friends and I ate at the swanky cafe/restaurant/bar Bungalow 8. It has a very relaxed vibe here and seeing the place is filled with Macquarie Bank employees, there’s an air of pretentiousness. The decor is really nice with low hanging yellow-hued lighting, modern furniture and with a location on trendy King St Wharf just by the harbour, you know you’re somewhere a bit wanky.

I was so hungry that day  I was about to collapse – mainly because I had only eaten 2 sushi rolls, Weetbix for breakfast and had gone to the gym earlier that day and worked my ass off (although I’m sure a certain friend of mine would undoubtedly disagree, right biatch?).

So let’s get down to reviewing, shall we? First up, starters.

Baby Calamari

Above is the local baby calamari, dressed with semi-dried tomato, basil, chilli and garlic. This was actually  quite nice. It was also served with aioli sauce which complimented the calamari really well. The calamari was cooked perfectly but the portion was quite small. Well worth the $16? I think not.

Next were the mains.

Grilled Prime Sirloin

Observe the Grilled Prime Sirloin served with wasabi lime potatoes, field mushrooms and red miso butter priced at $24.50.

As mentioned before, I was starving and all I wanted was a big fat juicy steak. Oh, what a disappointment. We specifically asked for medium-rare and what do we get? A slab of dry, over-cooked meat. Ugh. The best thing this dish had going for it was the gravy.

Salt and Pepper Squid

Behold, the salt and pepper squid with chunky fries and a sweet chilli, soy and coriander dipping sauce priced at $21.50.

Thank God we picked this dish – this was the true star out of all the dishes. I’ve always felt you can never go wrong with salt and pepper squid. This dish was awesome. The squid was perfectly cooked and the tenderness of the meat combined with the crunchy batter was delicious. And again, the sweet chilli and coriander sauce complimented the squid well. As for the chips, well let’s just say the steak gravy didn’t go to waste.

Last but not least was the house special Laksa mussels (sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture of this one – the food must have been that lacklustre I couldn’t be bothered to take any  more pictures but it looked a little like below).

Laksa Mussels

This dish would have been great if we had actually found any meat inside the shells. Too often we’d come across empty shells and a lot of shells were broken. It’s a shame because the laksa soup was actually quite yummy. The menu also said it was served with crusty bread. Some ‘crusty’ bread. You would think we’d get a nice chunk of ciabatta bread but we got what looked like a dinner roll you get at Coles shoved in an oven for 2 minutes.

There you have it, foodies. Bungalow 8 isn’t something I’d consider as an option for a night out of dining, save this place for having drinks on a special occasion.


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