Mmmm…Nachos on Pizza *Gaaarrrrghhhhh*

Welcome to Homers Cafe. No, not a cafe owned by the yellow-skinned donut-loving cartoon character we all love, but the awesome new cafe in Ashfield, Sydney.

My boyfriend told me about this new cafe that opened recently in Ashfield and being the food-curious type that I am, we decided we’d go check it out. This cafe is situated on Liverpool Road and is among a row of predominantly Asian restaurants and shops. Homers Cafe, you could say, is a breath of fresh air compared to the neighbouring restaurants – no offense. With it’s modern and young appeal, it definitely stands out.

Walking inside of what seems to look like a small space from the outside you’d be surprised by it’s spaciousness. It’s clean, looks new and I’m loving the decor of the place – with comfortable sofa-like seating and plenty of room to move around in, this is a contemporary  yet humble cafe that I’m sure will make me a regular when I’m in the area.

There is a wide selection in the menu which is divided into sections including entrees, mains, pasta and pizza. We ordered Cajun Chicken wrapped in bacon and Steak with Mushroom Sauce – all mains are served with a side of salad and chips. Not to mention a magnificent looking pizza that caught our eye when looking at the menu. It was a Mexican-style pizza with what looked like Nachos as a topping and corn chips standing upright on top. Gasping in awe, we ordered it.

We were hungry, we were desperate to eat. Fortunately, the waiting time was very quick and, oh my God, can you say yum? The food was the bomb! Totally not expecting a lot on first impression, but this was good, foodies, real good. The pizza was bursting in flavour, the base had just the right amount of crunch to make my taste buds beg for more and although a bit on the small side (about 15cm in diameter), it was to die for. Please witness heaven on earth below:

Mexican Pizza

The Cajun Chicken was equally saliva-inducing. To be honest, it wasn’t something that popped out at me when I read it off the menu but I felt like chicken that night and with no high expectations, I chose the Cajun Chicken. However, the second I sliced my knife through that tender breast, juice oozed out. It was so moist and soooo flavoursome. The skin had a light crunch and together with the moist, perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned meat it was just perfect. And the chips and salad were nice too.

The same goes for the steak. It was cooked to medium-rare perfection, so tender and when accompanied with the creamy mushroom sauce, it made me stand up, raise my plate in the air and say:

“This is disgusting! Disgustingly good!” and right then and there, in the utter shock of all those around me, I smashed the plate.


Cajun Chicken

Steak with Mushroom Sauce

Well, I didn’t actually do that but if I were Matt Preston, maybe.


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