Eurobay Cafe Bar: Hot Hot Hot!

Eurobay Cafe Bar in Brighton Le Sands: hot food, hot spot and hot waiters. This is the place to go for a night out to have dinner by the beach with some eye candy for the ladies. My girlfriend and I regularly go to this joint and each time has been a pleasant experience. For dinner, dessert or just to have coffee, this is the go-t0 place for a catch up when we’re in the area.

Our recent visit saw us ordering the Lamb Souvlaki and Salt and Pepper Squid salad. Both equally priced at $25, both equally scrumptious! The Lamb Souvlaki was served with 3 lamb skewers, tzatziki sauce, hot chips, Greek salad and pita bread. Foodies, this was to die for! The lamb was perfectly cooked; pink in the inside and tender to the max. Together with the tzatziki and the pita bread, it’s a match made in heaven and a marriage consummated in your mouth.

And those chips! Don’t even get me started, girlfriend. I don’t know what they put on these chips but these are no ordinary chips you get at your local fish and chips shops. These chips are something else – there is a certain tanginess to them that makes you go mmmm and begging for more. Fortunately for us they provide a large serving!

Lamb Souvlaki @ Eurobay Cafe Bar

The chilli salt and pepper salad was delicious too. The squid was perfectly cooked and seasoned with just the right amount of chilli. Although not much else happening on this plate compared to the souvlaki, with rocket salad and some cherry tomatoes, I’d be quite happy to eat that on my own.

Chilli Salt and Pepper Squid Salad

My only issue here is with the service. We waited at least 20 minutes for our 2 dishes to arrive. Thankfully for them the delicious and near perfect meals and cute waiter made up for it.

The ambience here is very laid back. The cafe is full tonight, filled with young couples, groups of young stylish people and young families. ‘Young’ is the word to describe the cafe-goers here; it’s very much a modern and classy cafe aimed at what predominantly looks like a younger demographic. Even still, whatever age you are, come and experience good food at this cafe – it’s worth a visit!


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