Nothin’ like a humble chicken pie…Mmmmm

What do you do to spruce up things in this deadly cold winter weather we’re experiencing right now, Sydney? You light up a fire, sit around a table with your friends and/or family and eat a pie. That’s right. A perfect winter dish to have on those chilly Sunday nights in this winter is the humble chicken pie. Well, a chicken and leek pie to be exact.

I have made this pie many times for my family and friends and every time it gets the tick of approval. I found this recipe off a website, would you believe, courtesy of Like all good food, this is not for the health nuts – we are  talking cream, tasty cheese and bacon, baby! Mmm-mmm. This is a real hearty dish, rich in flavour with an authentic homemade feel.

This finger-lickin’ good pie consists of simple, easily accessible ingredients that you can find in any local supermarket. The ingredients that contribute to making heaven-on-earth-in-a-pie-dish include: nutmeg, white wine, chicken stock, leek, chicken breast, cream, tasty cheese, bacon and short crust pastry (to see the full list of ingredients view the link at the bottom of the post). These very simple ingredients combine to make a pie that consists of tasty, cheesey and creamy goodness. To describe what this pie tastes like wouldn’t do it any justice – you’ll just have to make it yourself and try it!

The recipe uses both short crust pastry (for the base) and puff pastry (for the lid). Personally, I use short crust pastry for the top and bottom as I like creating that criss-cross pattern across the top that is so characteristic of a classic pie that you otherwise cannot get using puff pastry. Also, if you really wanted to put in the effort and make this pie authentic and homemade as possible, you can make the pastry from scratch, but I find if you buy pre-made pastry from the supermarket, it’s just as good and cuts the time down to half.

On a separate note, there is something about making a delicious homemade meal for a loved one that says “Honey , I love you”. Let me tell you, foodies, especially to all you ladies, as the old saying goes: the way to win the heart of your partner is through his or her stomach. Cooking this humble but very special pie for a loved one will do just that – lead the way to their pants…I mean, heart.

You heard it here, foodies. This is a must for this winter.

A winter treat: chicken and leek pie

View the full recipe here:


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