Good food but not coming back, dude.

On the weekend my family and I paid a visit to a little Italian restaurant in Rhodes called Oliveto. For a modern approach to Italian cuisine, this restaurant is just the ticket. It is a beautiful looking restaurant located just by the water and surrounded by the  parklands of Brays Bay Reserve. The decor is modern, simple and classic. The dim lighting creates a really relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a romantic night out for the young couples out there or a laid-back dinner with close friends.

The outside of Oliveto Ristorante and Bar

First we ordered the antipasto for entrees (priced at $26). I recommend ordering this for an entree as a lot off the dishes on the menu looked a little heavy, and you would probably need a little room in your stomach to down a main at this restaurant. The antipasto was delicious. There was a selection of fresh and light ingredients that were enough to satisfy your hunger but leaving plenty of room for the next course. Watch out for the arincini balls – they’re gooood! (they’re not pictured as I was starving and ate them before I took the photo). See the beautiful dish below:

The beautiful antipasto platter

For mains, I had the confit duck served with pearl barley risotto and morello sour cherries priced at $34. I wanted to be daring as I’ve never ordered duck other than Peking duck plus the dish sounded so fancy. And I can tell you, foodies, I was pleasantly surprised. For those that are culinary-inept, a confit is a meat, traditionally duck or goose cooked in its own rendered fat resulting in mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth, falling-off-the-bone bliss (warning: this is not for the health conscious – where this dish is going is straight to your waistline, people!). Gosh, just writing about it now makes me salivate. The duck together with the firmness of the barley risotto and the sweet and sour flavour of the morello cherries was a perfect combination. See below the consumable confit duck:

Confit duck, pearl barley risotto, morello sour cherries ($34.00)

The rest of the gang ordered the following. I don’t know what they were like but there were no complaints:

Beef eye fillet, parsnip puree, chicory, porcini mushroom jus ($35.00)

Mixed seafood grill ($38.00)

Spaghetti, prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels, tomato ($30.00 for main)

The service here is exceptional. We were served by a very short, amiable, bald Italian man. He was polite and truly demonstrated great customer service – he really made us feel we were being taken care of. Waiting time was spot on – not too short, not too long but all in all it was very good service. I’m not sure if I’d come here again to eat, it’s a nice restaurant to try out once but not one I’d keep coming back to. Barely any negatives here but it just wasn’t my thing.


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