Eating my words: Marion’s shock eviction

Oh. My. God. My favourite and tip to win for the Masterchef competition Marion Grasby has been given the boot. This week the very talented amateur cook has been ousted in a shock eviction over a satay sauce challenge. This couldn’t be of more shock to me as this was her supposed home ground – cooking a satay sauce commonly used in Thai cuisine.

What’s worse, she was beaten by someone who doesn’t deserve to be in the competition – Aaron. The guy can cook a great pasta dish, and well, not much else. Hello? Did anyone see the macaron challenge? His was clearly the worst. Peter, I believe, is a much better cook. However, not to discredit Aaron, I will admit his satay sauce did look better visually. I was in a state of confusion to see someone who specialises in this type of cuisine to produce something that looked like a chunky nut mess. I suppose the nerves and pressure were too much for her, I mean, she blanked out in the first round on what clearly was a chestnut – I mean, pecans….really?

Could the eviction be a publicity stunt? Just to mix it up and cause controversy to increase ratings? Perhaps. The recent decision to keep both Aaron and Adam after an elimination round is complete bull. Could they really not make a decision between the two? Could they not base their decision off their performance history in the competition? Clearly not. So it could be argued Marion’s eviction could be the result of a publicity stunt.

Her eviction has understandably caused a ruckus in the media to have, someone who has been considered a long time favourite to win this competition, to be booted out. Not that this is the end of the road for Marion who, I believe, has the exceptional skills beyond her minimal experience to succeed in the food world. I mean, as George said, the culinary elite in this country are backing her 100% and so they should. Her ability to master flavour combinations and textural elements in a dish should be applauded. She is now launching a new Asian sauce range which I’m sure will do well due to her skyrocketing popularity but this girl should seriously be opening her own restaurant let alone a sauce range.

I’m eating my words, foodies. Just refer to my Marion appreciation post a couple of posts ago. I was so adamant she would win but in an unprecedented turn of events, this is not so anymore. Sob, sob. We won’t be seeing this beautiful smile anymore.

No more of this pretty face: Marion evicted


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