Fine dining Indian: Zaaffran

Sorry to the very few readers of my blog for not posting anything in a while. I’ve been coming home from work lately feeling particularly tired but I promise to keep posting reviews more regularly in the future!

Ever wanted to experience fine-dining Indian food? There’s one place that I recommend and that is Zaaffran. This has to be one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to in a while. The food is great, the service is top-notch and there is an amazing view of Darling Harbour from the restaurant.

The food here is to die for. Since my parents were the ones paying, I thought I’d milk it and order something from every section of the menu. For entrees, we had paneer chunks – sort of like an Indian version of halloumi. It was grilled and served with capsicum and onions, a mint chutney and a mango dip. It was was so good. It has the same texture as halloumi and with the accompanying dips, that dish sure went away quick!

From the vegetarian section, we ordered paneer makhan masala ($12.80), an Indian cheese cooked in an onion-tomato masala. This was actually recommended by the young waitress and I was glad we chose it. It was so good – not too spicy – and the texture of that cheese! Mmmm.

From the curry menu, we had lagoon kerala istew ($29.50), a prawn and bug meat curry and nariyal ka murgh, a chicken curry in a coconut sauce ($25.30). The great thing about the curries is that they give a generation amount of sauce that goes with it so that once you’ve finished the contents of the dish, there’s plenty of sauce to use as a dip for your naan bread. I just think the flavours in Indian cooking are way too good to waste!

If there’s one dish I would recommend getting, that would be the lamb shanks (birbali nulli – $29.50). They were sooooo good and this is coming from someone who doesn’t really eat lamb. The meat literally just fell off the bone and almost melted as soon as you put it in your mouth and especially with that classic Indian flavour combined with the complexity of the spices it adds to the dish, it is a sure-fire winner.

The atmosphere here is fantastic. It’s a full house tonight, it’s lively, fast-paced – everything a quality restaurant should be. The service was moderately quick considering the pressure they were under especially on a busy night like this. And the waitstaff were so friendly and helpful. To top things off, there was an unexpected fireworks display outside and with the convenient location of the restaurant we had the best view.

If there’s one critique I could give to the food, it would be the presentation. I just thought the presentation was a bit lacking – I thought more effort could have been made in plating up the dish. Nevertheless, the food tasted fantastic – I had absolutely no problems with that. In terms of price, one might argue that it’s quite expensive, but I think the dishes here are worth every cent. Honey, I was sweating by the end of that night! The food was that good.

Definitely worth going here, folks.

An amazing view of Darling Harbour: Zaaffran

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4 thoughts on “Fine dining Indian: Zaaffran

  1. Thank you very much for your constructive post. We are glad that you’ll went away very happy.

    I have passed on your comments to our chefs and the waitstaff and they have asked me to convey to you their gratitude for your nice email. When people work hard, they always appreciate a pat on the back.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to publish the post.

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  3. awesome post and description. I am going to this restaurant this Fri with my boy… thanks for the post. the Pylamb shank looks particularly interesting. can’t wait to try out!

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