D To D Café

Last weekend my friends and I went to D to D Café in Beverly Hills located on King Georges Road across the road from the train station. A few of my friends live down there and every so often we come to this quaint little cafe for dessert and coffee. It’s a nice place to sit with your friends and chill over a dessert and drinks. Plus, it was a chilly winter night and we wanted to find a place to order some hot drinks to warm us up.

The cafe offers a wide range of food from burgers to pasta to our personal favourite: desserts. D to D offers a selection of delectable cakes and sweets and our last visit here saw us ordering one of our favourite desserts – the classic apple crumble. The crumble here is really good; when served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it is the bomb! My friend ordered it for himself as the rest of us just wanted hot drinks but it seemed we couldn’t resist and we dug right in. Well, we were kind of doing him a favour – the boy ain’t in the fittest state right now. Fortunately for us, we ordered their last slice of apple crumble and we did not let it go to waste, that slice was gone  in seconds.

To accompany the crumble, my friends and I ordered the hot chocolate. I had mine with soy because I’m supposed to avoid dairy as it’s not good for a certain condition that I have (I know, poor me, right?). I’ve never had the hot chocolate until now and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It was served at just the right temperature, it wasn’t too sweet and the froth was light and fluffy – and there was a lot of it, which is how I like it.

The service here was quick and the staff were very friendly as usual. I’m surprised they didn’t kick us out due to our less than appropriate noise level of laughter. But there you have it, in cold wintery weather like this, D to D is a good place to go to sit and chat with your friends whilst having well-made coffee especially if you live around the area.


1 thought on “D To D Café

  1. Thank you very much ‘Generation’s Food’ for your “delectable” review about us. We are so thankful there are such awesome customers such as yourself, and we hope make every visit as enjoyable as the last one for you and your friends.

    All the best,
    D to D Cafe Restaurant

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