Masterchef: Bye-bye Peter :(

Yet again, my Masterchef obsession has brought me to post a tribute to recently eliminated Peter Kritikides. The quiet achiever cooked the least impressive recreation of George’s Oyster Terrine out of the bottom 4 in the pressure test this week.

To me, Peter never really stood out. In the first half of the season, it seemed Pete was just flying under the radar, barely being noticed by the judges; I was starting to get the impression that his time wasn’t going last long in the competition. However, as if out of nowhere he blew away the judges with his Chilli Crab with Pasta Chips creation in the Mystery Box challenge. I was just as surprised as he was when they announced his his victory. Surprisingly, the underdog had a long run in the series managing to make it halfway out of the original number of contestants.

But it was very sweet seeing Callum close to tears at the end of the episode, even to go so far as telling him he was the “nicest guy” he’d ever met. Awwww. On the upside, Peter was totally cute and donned some impressive guns on those arms of his, and combined with his culinary talent and that super sweet nice guy personality of his, I’m sure the ladies will be swooning.

Booted: Peter Kritikides


One thought on “Masterchef: Bye-bye Peter :(

  1. I think he is super cute and I just wanna touch his arms and biceps. He is a really good cook too. Sad to see him go.

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