Masterchef: Go Marion!

This is for all you Masterchef Australia fanatics. I have been addicted to this show since season one and ever since season two has been on air, I haven’t missed an episode. The reason why I think the show is doing phenomenally well is because it’s like watching Survivor but with amateur cooks, but most importantly, it has the one special thing that appeals to everyone – FOOD!

Everyone loves food and it’s so exciting (for me anyway) to see what’s in store for the contestants every week. I’ve certainly learnt a lot from this show, one lesson being that quality and fresh produce is a must for good food as well as flavour combinations are crucial to making a dish that much more special. My favourite challenge is the Invention Test challenge – it’s amazing what the contestants can come up with with the ingredients that are given to them. However, there’s one contestant I’m always curious as to what she’ll make and almost always serves up a dish that never fails to impress.

That contestant is Marion Grasby. This girl is a knock-out in the kitchen and in my opinion already is at a world class standard. From being the first to be successful in the Celebrity Chef challenge of the season to creating near perfect and innovative dishes (for instance, that dessert she made with mango and fish sauce – wow!), the girl with the infectious grin has always been at the top of her game throughout the life of the show. And if for that minuscule chance that she doesn’t win, I’m sure her passion and drive combined with her modern innovative approach to food will take her a long way in the food industry. She is my tip to win and I have no doubt she will be at least in the final two of the competition. Another contestant that may give her a run for her money is probably Alvin but I still think Marion is a league ahead. But I’m just saying.

Go Marion!

Tipped to Win: Marion Grasby


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