It’s all fun and games at Norita

Norita Cafe and Board Games is exactly what the title suggests. If you’re into board games and great service, this is a great hang out place for you and your mates when in the city. Norita is located on Liverpool Street in the Sydney CBD practically hidden amongst neighbouring Spanish restaurants.

I often come here with my friends after dinner and we always have the best time when we’re here. At Norita, they serve both cafe food, mainly Korean style dishes, and desserts. What makes this cafe different to your average cafe is that you can hire board games for very cheap prices ($2-$4) for an unlimited amount of time. There is a wide range of choices from which to choose. Our favourite game is Pictionary – we can sit in the cafe for hours playing, having a good time which, amongst my group of friends and I, means most of the time we’re laughing at each other’s terrible drawings.

The ambience is very laid-back; there is a real vibe of a ‘hangout’ when you’re here. They often play Korean music and TV shows on their monitors and the occasional movie – the cafe caters to all types of entertainment. The staff are very friendly and the service is quick (there is a call button on every table). In terms of the food, I’ve never tried it before because most of the times I’ve come here, we’ve already had dinner and we basically come to Norita to relax and have some sweet treats. We often get the sweet drinks – I highly recommend getting the drinks here; they’re so good! There’s a selection of different types of drinks including Taro Milk Tea and Ice Milk Green Tea. There is also a selection of cakes and desserts which are just as good. I personally think it’s better to come here for desserts than for the food.

So if you’re in the city one day with your friends and wondering what to do, this is the place to go. You’re going to find that the time just flies here, you would be too busy having fun with your friends playing your favourite board games sipping on a delectable sweet drink!

An Ice Milk Green Tea

Norita Cafe

Norita Cafe and Games is located Level 2, 77 Liverpool Street, Sydney CBD.


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