The yummy Vietnamese Pork Roll!

To me, the Vietnamese Pork Roll is a tasty little secret that Sydney-siders need to get their hands on. These Asian style sandwiches are so delicious, in my opinion, that I regularly buy one when I’m on a break at work or just out and about in town. In fact, I had one today during my lunch break. I absolutely love these pork rolls and felt inspired to blog about them and let you guys know just how great they are!

The great thing about pork rolls is that they’re cheap – prices range from about $3.50-$4 – and they’re easily locatable. If you’ve got a  Chinese/Vietnamese bakery store in your suburb, you’re most likely to find these delectable treats being sold there.

I don’t know what it is, but all the elements of this simple yet delicious sandwich are to die for! The combination of the sweetness and sourness of the vinegar sauce, the freshness of the carrots and spring onions that cut through the savouriness of the soy sauce,  the coriander that gives it that authentic Asian flavour and the creamy mayonnaise-like sauce makes one unique sandwich that is packed with flavour!

The Vietnamese bakeries are not limited to pork rolls, they do a range of other types of sandwiches such as chicken rolls, salad rolls and so on – all of which are just as good. So go ahead guys, do yourself a favour and get your hands on a tasty Vietnamese Pork Roll!

A Vietnamese Pork Roll


1 thought on “The yummy Vietnamese Pork Roll!

  1. more blogging please! and thanx for putting me off that spanish restauarnt. can u try some more and tell me what the best ones are?

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